Lovely Molly: Haaalp me understand!


Maybe you’re one of those movie go-ers that like tripping, confusing, “is it all in their head?” movies. If so, I am assuming you liked Lovely Molly. I’m going to be honest, I don’t know if I really liked it or not. I was captivated by it and definitely entertained. It also forced me to turn on my mind and think. So, that’s a good thing.

The movie opens with the Molly pressing a knife to her own throat as a home video camera rolls. Whatever is controlling her won’t let her kill herself. In fact she tells us she hasn’t been in control at all for a lot of what we the audience is about to see. Molly and her truck driver husband are newlyweds who move into the childhood home where Molly and her sister Hannah were raised. Tim’s job keeps him on the road a lot, so the couple have a security system installed. One night, they’re warned of an intruder alert and can hear someone downstairs. A cop responds, only to find the backdoor open and no intruder. This is the first baby step into the tricky, “what the hell happened/what the hell IS happening?” scenarios of the film.

Molly is a recovering heroin addict and was at some point locked away in either an institution or drug rehab in the past. Sadly, her life was troubled before that. She suffered abuse at the hands of her now deceased father. Obviously the guy was an ass. And apparently some kind of horse-enthusiast weirdo!? The rest of the movie features scenes of only Molly seeing the ghostly father and her running from or getting attacked by him. Of course, Molly’s loved ones and us as the viewer have no idea if her ghost-dad (not played by Bill Cosby) is even really there at all. Is Molly simply cray? Is it the drugs? Then you mix in an unhealthy fascination with some red haired lady and her kids, and the character of Pastor Bobby. Pastor Bobby is a real treat too. Oh, and Molly gets naked a few times. 

Now, if you want to watch the movie before I talk spoilers, do so now. It’s cool. I will wait here. Then, come on back and read below.



‘Kay. So now you watched the movie, or skipped straight to the spoilers. Either way is fine. I have to admit, I feel a little dumb after watching this movie. I felt like, there was something obvious going on that I apparently missed. I don’t get the horse thing. Why the picture of horses crudely pasted over dad’s photos?? And is that why Molly dragged home a deer carcass to stick in the ceiling of the cellar and stab repeatedly? Like, wtf was that? How was it even possible to get that thing in the ceiling? It looked heavy!!  And now that we know Molly may just be completely crazy or just losing it from the drug relapse, how can we be sure the affair between the red haired lady and her husband even happened? And yes her husband “apologizes” in his death throes. But, apologizes for what? For not believing her? For actually cheating? For wanting to leave her in a time of need? Maybe that was all in her head to. And of course after she’s KO’d everyone, she wanders out in the yard to be nudely embraced by a horse/deer/man/father?? In the last scene, we see a for sale sign on the front lawn of the empty house. Hannah comes in and finds the album full of dad’s “new look” of horse-head pictures. Did Molly die? Or is she just now locked away? I am guessing dead, but who the hell knows. Anyway, Hannah takes the same steps and stance toward the closet in her and Molly’s old room as Molly did early in the film. From her doing that, I assumed that means the ghost father option is true. And now he is going to wreck havoc on the daughter who protected Molly and ultimately murdered him. But, again I say, who the hell knows. Do you know?!? Help me understaaaaaaand!

I promise that I do normally do not have to have all the loose ends tied up in movies. In fact, I usually like stuff a little open to interpretation. However, I find myself left with more questions than even theories about what the fuck I just watched.

On a positive note, I thought there were some brilliant things going on in this movie. First of all, the sound. OMG, the sound is AMAZING. So many of the scares and creepy scenes in the movie were dependent on the sound. And the technicians on this movie did a fantastic job. Not to mention, how about that creepy sing-song voice of dad? EWW. Awful in the best way.

And the acting I thought was fabulous. I couldn’t help but be impressed by Gretchen Lodge, Alexandra Holden, and the late Johnny Lewis. I was not familiar with anything else Johnny had done. And as an odd twist of fate, I watched this movie the day after he passed away, without even knowing who he was or that he had died. It wasn’t until I looked him up on IMDB that I found out. It sounds like he was a troubled guy and its too bad considering he was really talented.

Well, watch the movie. Get back to me! Maybe by the time someone does I will have drawn some more conclusions and decided if I liked the movie or not :p

12 thoughts on “Lovely Molly: Haaalp me understand!

  1. I watched this movie and have no idea what was going on!
    Who was the red haired lady.. What was the deal with the pastor?
    What the heck was the point of this movie… Help.. I am confused!!!!

  2. The red haired lady is the neighbor, that Molly’s husband is having an affair with.. they show how Molly has been watching her.. At the end, right before she clobbers him across the head – Molly left the the video recorder turned on and on the bed, so he would see the video that she caught of him cheating on her! As for the deer? Maybe just a way to show her potential for violence and how she should be stopped now? I know she didn’t kill it, but the gutting of it is brutal.The sister should have had her committed.. After threatening to kill her child, you’d think she wouldn’t hesitate to make the call!! The preacher’s defiling and death – I think is bc the dad became some kind of demon (there is one with a horse head.) I think thats why all the photos were changed like that..and demons want to destroy anyone dedicated to God. Because that’s a win in their book. I think the sister will became possessed also. The little girl’s death- I think Molly killed her in revenge for the woman cheating with her husband..Someone said it might also symbolize the death of her innocent childhood by her dad’s sexual abuse.. Great movie! Very creepy! Until the end, it kept you guessing if she was really seeing something, was Paranormal things happening to her or was she just crazy bc of the sexually abuse and made it all up in her mind.. But in the end I think it was a demonic possession..” The possession”was supposed to be the original name.. Thats My take one it..Hope it helped someone.

  3. What I throught what may have been happening is a psychotic break she was already a fragile person with what she endured as a child because of her dad the one man that was supposed to love a and protect make feel safe instead sexually abused her then I rekon shes caught her husband before hand having an affair and that what starts it all cause she’s been let down by man she loves and whose supposed to love make her feel safe and protected and again so she created this kind of monster that she believe was real try make sense of all cause she can’t face reality
    And once again she’s turning the pastor in way hoping that he helps her but instead he takes advantage of her even knowing she’s not right and that breaks her even more and same thing has happened once again she’s been let down by the 3 men she should been able to trust so kills pastor then the little girl to get revenge on the woman her husband was having an affair with then kills husband for what his for the end have two theories she’s walked into the woods and killed herself and no one had found as of yet ..or she still in house hiding in closet and that’s why the sister was reaching out.

    • I don’t think that’s true.
      If the house is cleaned out and brought up for sale…. why would Molly still be in the hiding closet in an empty house?

      If the sister (and/or movers) cleaned out the house some time after Molly walked out into the forest, they would have found the corpses from the preacher and Tim and called the police, especially after the confession on the answering machine/voicemail.
      The police would search and arrest Molly as suspect for murder and interrogate her. They would find out that she’s mental and either locked her up in jail for the murder, or in an mental asylum for insanity.
      She would have not been able to return to the house that easily.
      And unless she would have turned into a demon herself, she would not be able to make such a ‘demonic’ voice.

  4. The movie was indeed captivating, no doubt…. But the story line was so messed up!!!!! The deer made no sense and furthermore, was her dead father raping her???

    One more thing, was the album of pics the thing that led to the demonic possession and why did Molly cover the faces with a horse???

  5. I love this movie too! My guess is that the demonic spirit thing always raping her is her dad. I don’t get the deer thing either, BUT it does add a little pizazz in the matter of “wtf did I just watch” kind of thing. Also, idk about you but I don’t think what she’s smoking is heroin cause heroin addicts don’t go off biting people, killing them, and leaving them in a bathtub on a daily… sounds like what she’s addicted to is meth, and meth makes people CRAY CRAY. Good movie, it’s got a good balance of horror/gore/and thriller.

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